Creative Learning Using Entertaining Shows

Mystery's Most Wanted now offers fun, age-appropriate, participatory mysteries for kids! Our C.L.U.E.S. (Creative Learning Using Entertaining Shows) incorporates the same fun characters and basic structure as our adult shows, but utilize stories and content appropriate to the age group of our audience. In addition to providing a focal point for an event, these shows are a learning experience: not only are the scripts designed to "teach a lesson" but the kids get the opportunity to get "in the thick of things" by meeting the characters, playing roles themselves, and helping to solve a crime. C.LU.E.S. are designed with the kids' tastes in mind, so our stories take place in environments--and with characters--they are familiar with.

Of course we understand that murder isn't appropriate for all ages, so our C.L.U.E.S .focus on less violent crimes. As well, we understand that the attention spans of our younger audiences require briefer shows. These performances are perfect for school and church groups, and make great centerpieces for birthday parties and any other occasion where kids are in attendance. In 2007 we performed our mysteries for kids at dozens of Allegheny County Libraries to help them celebrate their "get a clue" summer theme.

Right now, CLUES is working to develop shows for four age groups: kindergarten - 2nd grade; 3rd grade - 6th grade; Middle School; & High School. Just like the rest of our shows, C.L.U.E.S. can be tailored to fit any group's interests, and can be adapted to assist with a specific learning plan or to conform with a particular educational goal.

June 27, 2016