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Since Mystery's Most Wanted is constantly working to deliver the best dinner theater entertainment to our customers, we are always writing and re-working the shows we perform. All of our shows rely heavily on audience participation and though the shows are scripted, there is a great deal of improvisation, or hilarious "in the moment" bits, usually generated by audience response. The shows are forever changing, from the script to the stage, from performance to performance--it's never the same show twice--promising your group a unique night of entertainment.


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It's One, Two, Three Strikes--
You're Dead!
I'm Takin' You Outta the Ball Game

written by the Mystery's Most Wanted cast

It's a sad day in Muddyville when this team can't seem to win for--murder! That's right, someone is willing to kill to see that this team doesn't make it to the World Series!

Slay Ride
Rudolph the Dead-nosed Reindeer!

written by Butch Maxwell and Burt Furioli

It's Christmas Eve at the North Pole and things are at a halt because one arrogant red-nosed reindeer has refused to fly.  Come find out what happens when Santa, Mrs. Claus, and a few of their friends try to settle the strike...permanently!


Slay Ride 2
Slashing All the Way!

written by David J. Fielding, revised by MMW cash, 2007

A sequel (of sorts!) to the uproarious original, this year finds Santa Claus the victim of foul play.
Sleigh Bells Over Broadway
Go Scrooge Yourself!

written by Kathy Miller Haines 
characters inspired by Butch Maxwell

What do you do when an agent signs you to an ironclad contract?  In this case, when the agents name is Ebeneezer Screw and it's almost Christmas, you kill him.  Journey back to 1940's Broadway and see how these divas deal with the death of their agent and the opening of their latest production, Santa Claus, Superstar.

A Christmas Peril

written by Kathy Miller Haines
Welcome to radio station K.N.O.L. where this year’s broadcast of “A Christmas Carol” is going to determine who becomes a star and whose voice is silenced for good!

It's Murder, CB

written by Steven Werber

Charlie, Lucy, Linus, Marcie, and Patty are reuniting for one last holiday together. But when Lucy decides to dig deeper into Charlie's psyche, the Christmas tree might not be the only thing that ends up dead.

Something Stinks at Pitt

written by the Mystery's Most Wanted cast

Come watch as three professors and one very spoiled co-wed at a University seminar suddenly have to deal with the unexpected demise of their old Dean. The situation stinks when they realize that someone killed for that job!
Mobsters, Molls, and Marinara

written by Mystery's Most Wanted Cast

Come join the party at this gin joint set in the roaring twenties where every night was New Years Eve.  But "speak easy" because the bathtub gin ain't the only think that'll kill ya.  Solve the murder of a local Chicago crime boss.  Who knows, you may even be the mug who saves the day.

Speakeasy, Die Hard
written by Steven J. Werber

Come and join the fun at Tony's tavern, the crosstown competition for Vinnie's Black Sock.  At Tony's place, the liquor is cold, the dames are easy, and even the flowers can be deadly.

Dial "M' for Mother

written by Randy Kirk

You're invited to the Fates Motel for Mother Fates' 100th birthday celebration. Be sure to bathe her in the spotlight and shower her with attention, but take care to soak up the ambiance of the historic rooming house and the soap opera about to take place inside.  We promise that you'll never feel clean again.

Death and Taxes or The Peasants are Revolting!

by Steve Werber

Welcome to the Middle Ages, when peasants toil, rats frolic, and the king is ...well, king! Pestilence and disease aren't the only things that are deadly, we hear that tax season might kill you too!

Let's Kill the Boss

written by the Mystery's Most Wanted Cast

Welcome to the Blammo Advertising Agency,

where the secretary is hot, the martinis are cold, and the ad game is proving to be murder for one top executive
Il Morte de Figaro
I Know Why the Fat Lady Sings

written by David J. Fielding

Things aren't going too well at the "Notta-so-Hotta Opera House," especially when singers keep turning up dead.  Is this 1930's theatre haunted by a phantom killer?

The Learning League and the Case of the Golden Ruler

(kids' show)

by Randy Kirk

Welcome to James T. Kirk Middle School, home of the Learning League, a team of crime fighting superheroes. Follow them as they journey into their library to find out what’s happened to the one thing they need to keep their powers!

One Life to Lose
All My Killin'

written by Kathryn Miller Haines

When television’s highest rated soap opera faces technical difficulties, the actors must mount an outrageous live performance in which everything becomes real -- even the murder!
Panic in Petropolis! 
Start the Presses!

written by Randy Kirk

You're invited to attend the biggest press conference of the year a Professor Polly Esther prepares to unveil her latest scientific achievement.Be warned, though - the most dangerous and wily villains in Petropolis are after this new device!
Montana Marie Gets Gunned Down at Three
Shoot Out at the Yippee Yi Yo K Y

written by David J. Fielding

C'mon down to the Horny Toad Saloon in the frontier town of Camel Rock.  Catch an eyeful as a saloon girl, bandito, deputy, and singing cowboy try to figure out who gunned down the toughest and hairiest sheriff in the old West!

  Death Bites
written Steven J. Werber

It's time for the annual Vampire Hunter's Convention, where the state of vamp hunting is looking far from good. Are the vampires finally extinct and the hunter's out of work at last, or are our fair fanged friends lurking about hoping to join the convention for a quick bite to eat?

I Love Lucy

by Bert Furioli & Butch Maxwell, Revised by MMW

Somebody has some ‘splainin to do when America’s favorite red head turns up dead. Has Ricky tired of her attempts to join his show? Is Ethel fed up with her wacky schemes? Or has Fred finally found a way to get rid of his least favorite neighbor?

Say Goodnight, Man in Tights

written by David Fielding

Revised by Randy Oliva and Steve Werber

Journey to Sherwood Forest,

where a rakish Robin, a sly Sheriff, and a not-so merry band of men are about to take part in a contest with murder as the prize!


Come and Knock on Death's Door

by Christopher Bondi

Travel back to the groovy seventies, when Jack, Chrissy, and Janet struggle to evade their nosey landlord and murder!

Star Trek: Set Phasers to Murder

by Steven Werber

Join the Universe's favorite crew for an adventure that will definitely be the final frontier for one crew member!

June 27, 2016