Crystalann Jones

Crystalann Jones has been acting and singing throughout her life.  At the age of 18, she started her voiceover career in radio and television commercials.  By her early 20's, she had lead roles in several local films.  Her most notable film role was as the lead in MEAT FOR SATAN'S ICEBOX (distributed by Troma.)   Crystalann was also the former front person of a few local rock bands.  She has done some modeling on the side and has appeared on a couple of book covers, CD covers and other miscellaneous projects.  Currently she is attending Point Point University with aspirations of a degree in marketing, linguistics  or communications.  She has studied 5 1/2 years of French, 2 years of German and 1 year of Spanish and has made three trips to Europe in order to improve her fluency in French.   Miss Jones is exceedingly excited about her involvement with Mysterys Most Wanted.   Visit her online at  and


October 16, 2008