Christmas Shows

Slay Ride
Rudolph the Dead-nosed Reindeer!

written by Butch Maxwell and Burt Furioli

It's Christmas Eve at the North Pole and things are at a halt because one arrogant red-nosed reindeer has refused to fly.  Come find out what happens when Santa, Mrs. Claus, and a few of their friends try to settle the strike...permanently!

Slay Ride 2
Slashing All the Way!

written by David J. Fielding, revised by MMW cast, 2007

A sequel (of sorts!) to the uproarious original, this year finds Santa Claus the victim of foul play.
Sleigh Bells Over Broadway
Go Scrooge Yourself!

written by Kathy Miller Haines 
characters inspired by Butch Maxwell

What do you do when an agent signs you to an ironclad contract?  In this case, when the agents name is Ebeneezer Screw and it's almost Christmas, you kill him.  Journey back to 1940's Broadway and see how these divas deal with the death of their agent and the opening of their latest production, Santa Claus, Superstar.

A Christmas Peril

written by Kathy Miller Haines

Welcome to radio station K.N.O.L. where this year’s broadcast of “A Christmas Carol” is going to determine who becomes a star and whose voice is silenced for good!

last updated May 15, 2008